New Organization Formed to Launch Accreditation Program for Surrogacy Agencies

Reproductive Alliance to establish national standards to protect surrogates and intended parents

(McLean, VA March 30, 2021) The Reproductive Alliance, a newly formed accreditation entity, is establishing national standards for the surrogacy field. Agencies that receive accreditation from the Reproductive Alliance will demonstrate high standards and professionalism to surrogates and intended parents.

“The Reproductive Alliance strives to make sure that everyone involved in a surrogacy agreement is protected,” said Jennifer White, Co-Founder, Reproductive Alliance. “Voluntary accreditation of surrogacy agencies ensures that programs are credible and consistent so that surrogates and intended parents receive the proper guidance and support as they work together to bring a new life into the world.”

The Reproductive Alliance will establish national standards for third-party reproduction facilitation programs and/or entities based on existing guidelines set forth by related professional organizations. The accreditation program will be the first of its kind to recognize agencies who meet those standards of excellence. 

The following individuals are serving on the Reproductive Alliance’s Board of Trustees:

  • Kimberly Surratt, Esq., Surratt Law
  • Alison Wilson, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
  • Tara Baumgartner, Third-Party IVF Coordinator
  • Dottie Cortez, Voice for the Surrogates
  • Melissa Dias, Voice for the Intended Parents
  • Virginia Hart, ART Risk Financial and Insurance Solutions, Inc.
  • Mark Leondires, MD, Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut
  • Carol Weathers, Building Families, Inc.
  • Jennifer White, Bright Futures Families, LLC
  • Sara Meier, Accreditation Support, MCI USA

“We are consulting with the most experienced and insightful people in our community to help provide guidance and expertise to create standards that will serve as the basis for the accreditation process,” commented Carol Weathers, Co-Founder, Reproductive Alliance. “We are excited to work with professionals who have established procedures that create positive surrogacy experiences. We are proud to be the first organization to launch a surrogacy accreditation program that is specifically designed to help everyone involved in a surrogacy journey.”
More information about the Reproductive Alliance and the new accreditation program will be available at